Subsea Drills

Alpha Subsea Drills are the ideal tool for offshore and subsea maintenance and decommissioning projects. Designed to meet the specialized drilling and threading requirements of the subsea industry, they’re built with special corrosion resistant materials and rated to withstand ocean pressure at rated depth. Most are available in manual or auto-feed versions, ask your representative for details. When properly configured  these variable speed machines can drill up to a 5” (127mm) diameter hole.

The Alpha Subsea Dual Pin Drills are designed to drill holes up to 5.5” (140mm) in diameter hole drilled to center on a 36″ (914MM) conductor. After the Dual Pin Drill is properly mounted on the tubular member, the two drills are independently adjustable and individually or jointly operated. Each pin drill spindle motor and feed motor are operated separately to provide independent and precise cutting tool loads.

Subsea Drills


Subsea Drill Autofeed


Subsea Dual Pin Drill Autofeed


Subsea Drill Manual Feed


Subsea Dual Pin Drill Manual Feed