ROV Diamond Wire Saws

Alpha Subsea ROV Diamond Wire Saw (ROVDWS) is a dedicated design used exclusively for hydraulic powered ROV deployment, and is engineered to quickly cut pipe, casings and structures from 4 to 13.5 inch (101.6-343mm) outside diameter.The ROVDWS is lightweight, compact and simple enough to be connected directly to the main hydraulics of the ROV without the added expense of an IHPU. It features a modular, versatile design that allows short lead time modifications and customization, and is available with optional gravity feed fixture for “hands off” operation.

Alpha ROV Diamond Wire Saw is ideally suited for subsea pipeline repairs and deepwater salvage operations where larger or heavier solutions are problematic. Like all Alpha Subsea Diamond Wire Saws they have the ability to cut themselves out of a bind, resisting the compression forces that would lock up a traditional saw.

ROV Diamond Wire Saws


ROV Diamond Wire Saw