Guillotine Saws

The Alpha Subsea family of Guillotine pipe saws are designed to cut 2” through 32” (DN50-800) pipe, as well as solids such as bars, rails and beams. The Guillotine pipe saw is the industry benchmark for reciprocating saws, cutting most any material in most any position, horizontal, vertical or anything in between

The four Guillotine models available, from smallest to largest, are the Super C, Model D, Super D and Goliath.  Most Guillotine models are available with optional autofeed and autoclamp (with Rapid Retract). Combined with our Offshore HPU power units and Topside Control Panel (controlling the feed rate, cutting speed and clamping hydraulics) it creates the most sophisticated remote controlled reciprocating saw on the market today.


  • Rugged yet compact design requires minimal operating clearances
  • Four models cut from 2” to 32” (DN50-800)
  • Fast setup & cutting, both horizontally or vertically
  • Optional autofeed and autoclamp on select models

Guillotine Saws

Guillotine Super C Hydraulic Saw
Guillotine Super C Autoclamp & Autofeed Saw
Guillotine Super D Hydraulic Saw
Guillotine Super D Autoclamp & Autofeed Saw
Guillotine Goliath Autoclamp Saw
Guillotine Super C Autoclamp Saw
Guillotine Model D Hydraulic Saw
Guillotine Super D Autoclamp Saw
Guillotine Goliath Hydraulic Saw
Guillotine Goliath Autoclamp & Autofeed Saw