Control Panel

The SCP-3 Subsea Control Panel is a heavy duty, 3 circuit panel used to control and operate hydraulically powered machine tools requiring more than one drive circuit, such as Wachs Guillotine auto feed and auto clamping reciprocating saws and Subsea DWS Diamond Wire Saws. Used topsides these controls are used to enhance diver operations or to add full remote capability.

The SCP-3 (part number H10-023-000) features two circuits with variable flow and pressure and one non-variable clamp circuit. Two variable circuits are used to power the main drive and auto feed mechanism, the non-variable clamp circuit powers the auto clamping mechanism. The SCP-3 features large pressure/flow gauges for high visibility even in low light, and is compatible with fixed or variable displacement pump HPUs.

Options for mounting the panel include the H10-023-001 Stainless Stand Kit with integral forklift pockets, which positions the panel at a convenient operating height (pictured). The H10-023-002 Machine Mounting Kit is used to mount the SCP -3 to a HPU or hose reel. The SCP-3 is integrated and included with the Subsea HPU-84 hydraulic power unit. A deepwater ROV marinized version of the SCP-3 is available for seawater immersion at depths to 3000 msw or 9843 sfw.

Ships without hydraulic fluid, requires hydraulic hose sets or subsea hose reels for machine connections, sold separately.

Control Panel


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Operating Dimensions:
31.5 x 16 x 49 in (800 x 406 x 1245mm) in Stand

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1 Year Limited Warranty