Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws

The Wachs Subsea Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws (DWDWS) are designed for deepwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, with three models available to cut from 4 inch – 52 inch O.D. (DN100-DN1300), rated to 3000msw (9843sfw). Running on hydraulic power, the DWDWS is controlled remotely using the Wachs Subsea TCP Topside Control Panel and your HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit), the Wachs HPU-84 with integrated TPC, or by ROV control and power via zero leak hot stabs. All Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws feature handles and controls conforming to industry standards.

The Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw, like the Wachs Subsea DWS Diamond Wire Saw series, features a self-adjusting autofeed system to control wire bend that automatically matches the feed rate to the cutting rate. With the ability to adjust or stop the feed entirely until the cutting action catches up, the DWDWS Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw delivers a more efficient cutting action with enhanced operator safety and greatly extended wire life.

The DWDWS Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw series is ideal for:

  • DWERT (Deepwater Emergency Response Tool)
  • Deepwater Cutting and Severing
  • Shallow or Deepwater Platform Decommissioning
  • Pipeline Repair and Maintenance
  • Destructive Pipeline Decommissioning
  • Cutting Mixed Material Such as Steel and Grout
  • Cutting in Situations that Bind Traditional Saws

Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws


DWDWS Deployment Basket 3616


DWDWS 1604 Diamond Wire Saw


DWDWS 5230 Diamond Wire Saw


DWDWS Deployment Basket 5230


DWDWS 3616 Diamond Wire Saw